About WLA

Wynn Landscape Architects, Inc., (WLA) is a California corporation. Prior to establishing the corporation in 2005, Don Wynn, President and Owner of the corporation, spent 18 years with Carter Romanek Landscape Architects, Inc., one of the oldest landscape architectural firms in continuous practice in the State of California.

WLA is most active today in landscape planning and design for public facilities including office buildings, business parks, recreation, educational facilities, low income housing projects and residential projects for our clients. Current projects include the Veteran’s Administration Buildings 4 & 5, Mission Plaza in Los Angeles, Somera Medical Building in Goleta, Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, Long Beach Church, Argyle Apartments in Hollywood, Pacific Palisades HOA4, O’Reilly AutoParts in Woodland, Arlington, Palm Springs, Moreno Valley, Federal Way, Greenfield & Hawthorne, and Canon Perdido in Santa Barbara. Recent completed projects include Simi Valley Landfill, Countrywide, Madera Road, Simi Valley, Pico/Veteran Senior Housing, Witkin Center Senior Housing in West Hollywood, the Commonwealth Studios in Moorpark, Deluxe Studios in North Hollywood, Citrix Online in Goleta,  Vellano Golf Course in Chino Hills streetscape and HOA landscaping, Media Center in Burbank, and conceptual landscape plans for the proposed new City Hall in Malibu.

As a design orientated office with the majority of projects culminating in construction, we have considerable experience in construction methods, costs, contract administration and post construction follow through.

Typical projects include preliminary/conceptual landscape development, detailed design, hardscape, plazas, water elements, playgrounds, playing fields, irrigation and planting design.

LEED compliance, Fuel Modification compliance and Green Building Ordinances are a significant part of the scope of work with each project.

Don Wynn has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology & Geography from the University of Durham, England, a Bachelor of Philosophy in Landscape Architecture from the University of Newcastle, England, is a registered Landscape Architect in England (1980) and a registered Landscape Architect in California (1990) License # 3927.