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Don Wynn created Plant Search magazine in 1994.

The idea was as a result of a trip to Florida, where I was doing a large hospital project, and wanted to know what plants were available in Florida. Having visited nurseries in Florida I discovered a similar magazine, so I thought that it was time that California had access to similar information in the landscape industry.

Plant Search is a directory for wholesale plants, in California, which is updated every month, to ensure that Landscape Architects can specify plants that are actually available at the time they are designing projects, and to ensure that it is easier for Landscape Contractors to locate the planting materials requested and shown on the Landscape Architectural drawings.

Don Wynn visited every nursery listed in the magazine, approximately 100 nurseries, to ensure that each nursery listing their plants was comfortable with the design approach for the monthly magazine and willing to provide their current plant inventory to each monthly issue of the magazine.