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Wynn Landscape Architects, Inc., (WLA) is a California corporation.

WLA plans and designs landscapes for public facilities, office buildings, business parks, recreation, educational facilities, low income housing projects and residential projects. Recent projects include the Veteran’s Administration Buildings 4 & 5, Mission Plaza in Los Angeles, Somera Medical Building in Goleta, Simi Valley Landfill VIMP update, Casa Pacifica in Camarillo, Long Beach Church, Argyle Apartments in Hollywood, Pacific Palisades HOA4, O’Reilly AutoParts, and Canon Perdido in Santa Barbara.

Typical projects include preliminary/conceptual landscape development, detailed design, hardscape, plazas, water elements, playgrounds, playing fields, irrigation and planting design and tree reports.

LEED compliance, Fuel Modification compliance, Public Works compliance and Green Building Ordinances are a significant part of the scope of work with the majority of projects.